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Ihsane Haouach

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I am Ihsane Haouach, 38 years old societal entrepreneur, author, board member, trainer and advisor, working on sustainable transformations in diversity, equality & inclusion, and energy transition. I have experience in the private, institutional and nonprofit sectors, therefore I advise and train using the best of these worlds.
Being an enthusiastic and assertive person, my activities are a constant balance between high excellence standards and happiness. I have strong experience in change project management and a passion for knowledge sharing. My drive lies in continuous learning, concrete societal projects whilst ensuring ethics and empowering diversity.

Get an insight into societal issues and sensitize your colleagues and board members.

Develop your organisation's members with customised training in key fields (interpersonal communication, inclusive management...)

Advise on developing impactful projects based on my experience in multiple worlds (social, private, public). 

Helping organisations
to develop meaningful projects and embed sustainable change.

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Even though leaders are convinced of the benefits of diversity, equality, equity, inclusion and inclusiveness, some may not be aware of the

full potential. In my book, I strive to achieve diversity that is not readily apparent at first glance. I developed an innovative model encouraging people to be Open to other viewpoints, resolve difficulties with Patience, feel Empathy for stakeholders and find a safe space to be Natural. Through facts, illustrated concepts, and real-life examples, you'll assess your management style and confront your realities. You just need to read this book with your mind OPEN!


With this book, Ihsane brings a set of actionable tools to make our world more equal, with a determination to address one of our century's most important challenges: diversity.

— Dr. Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay

My vision  about Inclusive Leadership in a book


" Ihsane has a refreshing and modern view

on diversity. She has the skills to enhance the

collective intelligence and overall agility of a team. "

Francis Blake, Chairman Imperbel/Derbigum

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